Friend banged my sister in law.

A couple weekends ago my wife and I had a small gathering at our house, Her younger sister, Samantha was there and so was a friend of mine, Mark.
The two of them seemed to be hitting it off and spent quite a bit of time talking, Enough that my wife took notice and mentioned it to me, Around midnight, Samantha said "Well...I should call a cab", Mark asked if she wanted a ride and Samantha pretty much jumped at the chance, She told me to let the wife know that she would be back the next morning as the two of them had made plans to go shopping.
When my wife came out of the bathroom she looked around and said "Um...Where are Mark and Sam?", I told her Mark gave her a ride home and she said "Hmmmm" unapprovingly.
The next morning Samantha showed up and her and my wife left to go shopping, About an hour after they left Mark texted me and said "Get over here", I got dressed grabbed a couple coffee's and went to his place, I barely got in the door and he looked at me saying "Dude...I banged Samantha", I was actually a bit surprised, She is 28 and he is six months younger than me at 40, He is a decent looking guy but I thought he was shooting a bit high, Samantha is tall, slim and "Stacked", She looks like a 28 year old version of my wife but taller and with WAY bigger b****.
I looked at him and said "For real?" he just laughed and started telling me the story, On the way home he asked if she wanted to come over to his place "for a drink", She agreed and he said as soon as they walked in the door she pretty much jumped him.
He started telling me how hot she is and how amazing her body is then he said "want to see?", I looked at him and said "What do you mean?", He pulled out his phone and handed it to me, I pressed play and my wifes little sister was laying on his bed, topless with her arms covering her b****, He said "c'mon, I wont show your face", She laughed and let one nipple peek out, He proceeded convincing her and eventually had her flat on her back, Cupping her huge DD's, I looked at him and he said "Keep watching", I watched as he got her naked, Showing her huge b**** with light pink areolae, Big pink nipples and her VERY nice looking, completely shaved, Beautiful p****.
He video taped her sucking him then straddling him with a nice close shot of her spreading her p**** and sliding down on his d***, He recorded her big t*** bouncing as she rode him then rolled off, Got on her hands and knees and let him tape her reaching between her legs, Spreading her lips and rubbing her p**** basically begging to get f*****, She has a nice firm ass with a pretty little pink hole, After f****** her from behind while rubbing her ass with his thumb and finished with t** f****** her and coming in her mouth.
I handed him his phone and he looked at me and said "Want me to send it to you?", I looked at him and didn't say anything, he said "I'll email it to you", I laughed and we sat around having coffee with him as he explained how absolutely amazing she is in bed and how hot she is.
I left and went home, I jerked off twice to the video before my wife got home, I couldn't stop staring at Samantha's body the whole time until she left and have jerked off to the video so many times since that I think my wife is starting to wonder why I'm not h**** lately.

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  • Another story about freckles and pink nipples lol. Someone has spare time

  • I did my wife's sister I think you should do yours..

  • Try to get her for urself

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