the boy

I can tell you that his fave colour is orange
he hates to fight
born on the 3rd
his sister is beautiful
he looks just like his mum

Ive never seen him cry
he would never tell a soul but he's an amazing artist
he hates when people swear
he doesnt like bars,
he hates annoying children

he's the only that can me smile the way he does
he's the only one that can make me laugh
he's the only one that makes me cry happy tears
he's the only person who cares about me

he's the only boy Ive ever loved
I told him yesterday how I felt
and I havent heard from him since

Im scared Ive lost him

cause not only would Ive lost my best friend
but I'll have lost the only boy who has ever had my heart

Jul 8, 2010

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  • F** Alert,

    Thank you, I made that comment!

  • That was really sweet. If he's worth it, he wont run away, and you wont lose him. I felt the same way about someone, and he ran, and i lost him. It's taken me a long time, but i've figured out that he wasn't worth it. I hope that for you, this guy is.

  • Where the h*** is F** Alert on this one?

  • LOL ^^^

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