Nowhere left to go

Lately ive done things that have upset my friends. ive been in numerous fights about nothing. whats worse is that my friends lied to my mother and my mom believed them over her own daughter. she hates my boyfriend and is constantly tellin me that im unhappy. how wud she know? ive never been happier and finaally the other day my father stood up for me. however i still have no one else to talk to. my best friend has started spreadin rumours that i cheated in my BF and its not true but of course no one is asking me weather its true or not. ive been through that situation already with people sayin i have and i havent. i now have no one left but my BF and 1 or 2 girs. i never go out nymore incase peopple start talkin about me. its gettin so bad at this point that i almost begab to harm myself but my BF persuaded me not too but i dont know how much longer i take of all these people gangin up on me for no reason. what should i do?

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