I had a one night stand with a rockstar.

I had a one night stand with a rockstar... Well. It wasnt supposed to be a one night stand. And to be fair he was.. (IS).. my friend. I will give birth to our son in less than two weeks. I never even told him I was pregnant. And I'm not going to. He drinks too much and parties constantly. His band is well-known. They've done Warped and been on Fuse and toured with MCR. Ive seen how fans act towards him. They get crazy. Im not going to risk someone finding out he's my babys dad and stalking my child. Ive refused to tell anyone who the Dad is except 3 people. My sister knows. His cousin knows. And his vocalist/best friend knows. They all agree and respect my decision not to tell the Dad. His own best friend and vocalist told me he wasnt daddy material. The bad thing is... The vocalist/bestie.. (Lets call him "Brian") has been there for me through this pregnancy more than anyone.We became besties through this too. But now I have feelings for him and he's my babydaddys bestieand oh yeah. Hes married.What do I do?


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  • You have to tell him, he has a right to know about the child. You can be honest and say you don't want him involved or people to know he is the dad. If you really are his friend, he'll understand your not a groupie.

  • Move on..he's married and the father of your baby is not ready to be a dad. Your priorities are must change.you have a child that will be your major concern. Concentrate on that..when a man who is ready to be the father to your child and a good mate to you comes into the picture, you'll know. But stop acting like a groupie..time to grow up.

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