My old teacher

So this was two years after i left school, i was 18, i bumped into my old maths teacher in a pub and we got talking, i always found him rather hot, the talk got very heated and well at closing i offered him my number and he took it, we txt for a few days and nights and exchanged pics till he invited me over his one night while his wife was out, however he asked if i could bring something..,my old uniform, well i had my old blazer and borrored my younger sisters blouse,tie and skirt, completed the uniform with pair high heels and stocking (got changed at his obviously) he love it and he was like a dog all over me, f****** me in my uniform at his desk in his study, made me call him sir, spanked me, was some very good s**, we only did it the once (well one event, he f***** me twice) he then got funny about cheating on his wife but i enjoyed it and so did he,

Sep 30, 2016

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  • WOW

  • I've not been cheated on, but you will probably feel different about it when you marry and have kids. It will hit you like a punch in the gut. You just got used; he wasn't into you, but into little girls.

  • I agree danm his wif u came so al good

  • To h*** wit his wife u enjoyed

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