Black Failure has become an accepted Norm by American Society

I feel like as we as Black people advance into 2017, I greatly feel that we should only do what we've already done. I feel we should already be what we were already were about before the Caucasian idea/ plan of Intergration divided us up. Growing up as a child I always loved playing with friends within my Chicago neighborhood, It wasn't until I was about 19 when I started to notice that there were less black people in the top ranks of society. So I began to ask well why are our my people not successful at a high number and not just a few. It all grew within that something was going on with how our people being mistreated, miseducated, and mislead ( Hip hop & rap) It was hard for me to believe that it was my peoples fault on why they are at the bottom of the economy, the society, and even entertainment, etc. prior to Intergration we as black people were business owners, lawyers, couches, principles, etc. I did research and fond out the Europeans were the thugs, the pimps, the serial killers, the kidnappers, the drug addicts, the drug dealers, murders, s** offenders, etc. before Intergration was even an idea to them. It hurts my feelings that the Europeans psychologically projected all of the things they didn't like about themselves on to our people through Hollywood movies, other forms of media such as books, etc. This bad situation that were in as black people won't stop until white grow up and be righteous. I wish the world was only filled with Beautiful Black people the righteously apply themselves in life, such as MAAT. White people should have never been taught how to read or write. I honestly think they deserved to Either be enslaved or exterminated off the face of the planet.



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  • I am Caucasian, and I wish you well in your life. I will you much success, and happiness. I wish this for you, and should you have children I wish this for them as well. <3 Peace.

  • Thanks I appreciate you greatly

  • Everytime I read a confession, in regards to race as a subject matter,
    I feel disheartened :(

    From one human being to another OP,
    please stop focusing on your racist opinions/ prejudices and idealisms. You aren't helping matters by stating these view points, you're encouraging; racism, prejudice, stereotyping and pessimism.

    Turn your negative opinions, into positive ones and use that positivity, on making a difference in your own life and within your local community.

    Set an example and implement change. Don't fuel matters, that you don't fully comprehend.

  • ^I want to buy this intelligent person a drink^

  • You are the monkey race. You degenerates deserve everything that is upon you. All you have to do is raise your hands and not get shot. You don't see indians with this trouble. The best races in order are
    Middle East
    Native Americans
    Pacific Islanders

  • I'm guessing you're, Asian then!! Just a guess:-)

  • Look up the Negro Javara Araba Chimpanzee. You might find that quite interesting.

  • Don't fight ignorance, with ignorance.

  • ......jesus........................n******........

  • Jesus is a White man. The White man is the Devil.

  • Total koonage

  • So if Europeans were the thugs, the pimps, the serial killers, the kidnappers, the drug addicts, the drug dealers, murders, s** offenders, etc, how do you explain the raids on Southern Europe by barbary pirates (North African / Arab) and the Moors (Black African) to capture White people who were sold into slavery (Including girls who were raped and forced into sexual slavery), The Ottoman Turks (Asian) invasions of European territory, The Mongol (Oriental) invasions of European territory and so forth. Fast forward to today and you have gangs of Muslim paedophiles who target White girls, Muslim terrorists who target non-Muslims, non-White drug dealers who sell their drugs to other blacks poisoning their own communities, non-White gangs who kill their own race, and then finally there are a******* like you who go making statements like this, which when decent people read makes them think that all non-Whites think this way and the ripple effect of scaring them off giving non-Whites a chance at anything (EG I'm not giving that black boy a job, he might be one of those that said Whites should be exterminated)
    Look at the scientific and technological advancements throughout the world and you'll see that most of them were made by Whites. Many of these advances have helped out enormously in the third world. Many majority White countries funnel large amounts of aid to the third world which is majority non-White.
    Get off your soapbox and try and make your community better instead of trying to blame others for your problems

  • I agree with you. But what about the GMO Foods that Mount Santo produces and then gives to the black communities, what about the p*** industry which is a form of Caucasian media that is all over the so called Internet (Cec pool). Thats the way technology has been used by Caucasians people.

  • Who or what is a Mount Santo? And please show evidence that one company's food products go to one ethnic group and one ethnic group only. You are looking for reasons to whine and aren't being very literate while doing so. Shush.

  • How are white people responsible for the high crime rate in the black community? It isn't us pulling the trigger or if it is it's very rare. Blacks not studying in school not being able to hold a job and making babies they can't support isn't the white man's fault. Look at the way things are in black controlled African countries today. Is that what you'd like your world to be?

    I think blacks are their own worst enemy. Poor work ethic, high crime in the black neighborhoods and over all not taking responsibility for your own problems.

    Problems you create for yourselves.

  • The OP is one black person. He is not the spokesman and advocate, for every black person on earth. So please don't categorise and label, that all blacks are the same. By stating, "blacks are their own worst enemies, blacks not studying in schools, not holding jobs down and making babies they can't support" it's insinuations, stereotypes and assumptions like these, that appear ignorant.

    Treat your fellow person, as an individual and not judge one person, to account for all.

  • You donno s***

  • Use diplomacy instead of, "petty retorts!"

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