As Megan lay beneath me , my thick hard c*** plowed in and out of her wet p**** with gusto. Her eyes were closed , her mouth agape , moaning in ecastasy as I delivered another mind bending o******. My thoughts drifted to her lousy husband who treated her like crap. He didn't know how special and tender Megan was. She was a goddess who deserved to be worshiped. And he was a stupid red neck who was cruel and unloving. I didn't care why she stayed with him, I didn't care. I had put in a lot of time seducing her slowly over the past few months. Her young , firm body would be mine. Now here we were . In my bed having the hottest s** she had experienced in her life. I drove her so crazy that she did everything I wanted. Things she never did with her loser husband . The thoughts I was having about her husband at that moment made the s** better. It got me hotter and hotter. I f***** her harder and harder. Filling every hole. She wanted more and more. At the end she pushed me on my back and sucked my c*** like a pro. She swallowed every drop of my hot c** like it was her last meal. I finally had her. And ill have her again and again. I'll post more Megan adventures later.


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