I have to confess, I recently had an affair. My wife and I have some freinds , Meagan and Jeff . They are a young couple going through a tough time. Jeff is an alcoholic who has suffered a lot of trauma in his life. Meagan is from a rich family who is beautiful and smart. She fell for Jeff and despite his problems she thinks she loves him. We have tried to help them out as much as we can but things have gotten bad. Meagan decided to leave Jeff one day and when she couldn't reach my wife , she called me. I met her a coffee shop and she was upset. Megan is sexy as h*** and I have fantized about her more than once. I wanted to help her but my d*** was thinking for me. As she talked all I could think about was sinking my hungry c*** into her tight young p****. I invited her back to our house and knowing my wife wouldn't be home for hours , I decided to make my move. Megan took a shower and I began tinpot the wine. Soon she was relaxed and vulnerable. She was only wearing my wife's robe and as we sat on the couch I began to run my hands up her thigh. She knew what was happening and I guess she wanted it. I leaned in and kissed her and things got hot fast. I gave her world class oral s** and even sucked her toes. She gave me an awesome b****** and as I watched her young head bobbing up and down I almost blew my load. I spread her her out on the couch and sank my hard , throbbing c*** into her wet , tight p****. It felt wonderful. I f***** her in a few positions but felt my load building. I didn't care if i was bareback I wanted to c** in that young C***. She tried to push me away but the passion was too high. As her legs were over my shoulders my body shuddered as I blew my load into her cervix. I came several times before I collapsed . Before my wife came home I managed to f*** her ass and had her swallow my load. F*** Jeff . Meagans p**** now belonged to me.

Oct 4, 2016

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  • NO - YOU - DIDN'T.
    Don't lie.

  • Omg, yes! I'm so glad you f***** her. I wish it was me. Lucky, lucky girl...

  • Let jeff and ur wife go 2 h*** from now on follow ur c***

  • Thankyou thats what i will do

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