I miss you so much D

N-I love you babe xXx
D-always manages to make me smile when you put that
N-always manages to make my heart flutter when you say the, Love you more xXx
D-everything you do, whether its cuddling me, kissing me, talking about nerdy stuff or actually having a normal conversation ;P you always make my day, I love you the most.
N-my life was dark, all I could do was think how pointless my life was, then I heard 1 word, the sweetest most beautiful word I have ever heard, coming from the sweetest lips I have ever seen, on the kindest women I have ever known, yes, and my life got better, and whenever I see you, my life is complete, I love you the mostest xXx.
D-who wrote that?
N-me, from my heart
D-too cute sweetie xXx

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  • Ayy lmao

  • So beautiful

  • I miss her, so, damn, much.

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