Mummy's Girl

I love being my Mummy's girl! She's dressed me as a girl,since my 16th birthday! XXX

Feb 13, 2018

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  • Little boys are cute dressed as girls especially if their hair is long and styled right.

  • My mom and older sister used to dress me up when I was younger, more like 12. It ignited something in me I still have. I’ll occasionally put on some of the wife’s things when she isn’t here. But it’s not the same. The feeling of being forced really added something. I wish it had gone further...much further

  • That's child abuse. DFACS needs to remove children from their home if a parent does this. Your mother is a sorry selfish b****.

  • My wife has always dressed our son as a girl from time to time. She's a rabid feminist and thinks boys and girls are equal and the same. So it's not like all his clothes are girls clothes but some are. He is 9 and for example she has him wear those very short denim shorts that girls wear. She has played dress ups with him and put him in dresses and we have taken him out like that. He's kind of OK with it.

  • You’re a good man to let her do this. I’ve raised my son (by myself) exclusively as a girl. She is also 9 and no one knows she’s actually got boy parts. I gave her a unisex name and never told her father she was born. I’m also a feminist and think the world would be better off without most men in it. You may well be the exception.

  • Unless he's asked,or said he wants to dress I think 'forced/semi forced' feminisation could be harmful,but I'm not judging anybody! xx

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