Drinking her pee

I'm obsessed with drinking my gf pee. It all started by mistake when she peed on me at a state park while we f***** on a rock. I got so turned on and she ended up peeing her pants on way back to car. We were a mess as we walked by other people. After that I mentioned drinking her pee. She was very ok with it. And was able to pee in my mouth while we did 69 position which I found very sexy and drank every bit of it. I've drank her pee from a cup also and really enjoy every drop of it. Now she has become interested in getting peed on. I have p***** on her c*** while she has peed on my d*** and she really liked that. So. Now she tells me she wants me to pee in her mouth. Which likely will mean she will be drinking my pee. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to do that. I've asked her if I could spit her pee into her ass then she would sit on my mouth and let me drink her pee from her ass as she pushed it out into my mouth. She liked the idea and I'm very excited about drinking her pee from her ass. I don't know why but I enjoy anything dirty from her. It's like I want to be near anything personal about her. I just want her in me anyway possible the more dirty or odd it is the more I want. Hoping to enjoy lots of pee play with her in the future. She is a very sexy women and I enjoy eating anything from her. I'm pretty sure this can't be that odd. It's really seems completely harmless to me and great fun.

Oct 2, 2016

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  • My wife and I drink each other's pee from our streams. We also 69 pee and we pee all over each other before and during s**.

  • My girl and I just met we are now drinking each other’s pee when we start drinking and get drunk then get into s** we do it 3-4 times a night not only that but she’s let me p*** in her p**** this has been my fantasy and she is more than willing to make it come true

  • Any Indian women please p*** in my mouth.

  • I'm really turned on by drinking a girls pee, not done it much but would love too. Is there anywhere like a dating site that caters for this?

  • I am bi and have a 'pee'buddy who loves to have me stop by his apartment take my pants off, sit on his couch and pee a steady stream into his mouth. He moans and sighs as much as he can while my p**** is in his mouth and when I am done he continues to suck me until I am completely drained and then swallows my c**. I am here to tell you, it is a fantastic feeling and I look forward to our occasional visits with great anticipation. It is one of those 'don't knock it until you've tried it' things I suppose.

  • After some months of trying I finally learned how to pee in my wife's p**** when having s**. She loves it especially when I drink her up afterwards.

  • Let me drink now

  • I really get off peeing in someone's mouth too. Obviously, the pleasure is mental because her mouth isn't touching my erection when I let go [yes, I can pee with an erection]. I deliberately p*** more than she can handle and it splashes on her face and down her b******. She really gets off on it, the act of submission to me.

  • I beg my girlfriend to let me drink her pee everyday.

  • I would do it too

  • I too want to drink every women's p***.

  • I met this girl who was already in a relationship with a guy for 3 years. She was finding he was very submissive and she wanted to experiment with him to see how much he would do for her. She started by peeing in his mouth. Now, she wants ME to pee in his mouth while she watches. She thinks it will be so hot hot hot to watch her BF kneeling in front of me drinking my hot urine straight from between my legs.

  • This sounds like me. Lol

  • I enjoy oral s** with my wife when she is on her period. I love the extra juice and wetness.

  • I love that also

  • I've done that it was big turn on for her

  • I have done that and loved it

  • I use a disposable douche bottle and squirt water into my wife's ass and then she sits on my face and I drink the water it's really hot and it doesn't taste bad I would love to squirt her pee into her b******* and drink it but that has not happened yet

  • Nice. Eat I too drink my gf pee as well as she is so sexy I eat her s*** too. I. Like it

  • Go bro dont stop what u want just do it with ur GF

  • New update. I was f****** her ass and came real deep in her. I kept my d*** in her ass awhile afterwards. When I pulled it out it driped from her ass brown. She seen it and panicked and grabbed a towel but I had plans to clean it up with my mouth. She did rite after that put my d*** in her mouth so I guess she should of let me clean her up too.

  • Hi guys , I would love your gf to p*** in my mouth . Please tell me you live in Yorkshire. Lot of love Ian

  • Update tried spitting her pee in her ass. Couldn't get it in good with my mouth. If she was laying on belly with ass up would work. We tried it doggie style.

  • Well new update to our play. She has now started drinking my pee she really likes me to pee a strong stream into her mouth as she looks up at me. Telling me how she is swallowing it as I pee in her. If I have a mouth full of her pee as I pee in her mouth we will kiss and swap pee from each other's mouth all sloppy getting it every where on us. Still hoping to drink her pee from her ass hole after spitting it into her ass.

  • You are a lucky guy. I would love to have a girlfriend who would 69 pee with me.

  • Try inserting her pee into her ass using blastic syringe without the needle of course

  • I want my (female) boss to p*** on me

  • I've never dranked it but me n my girl have peed on each other. Its an ok turn on, I'm not against it.

  • P*** is not great but if ur happy

  • Why dont u s**** on her

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