Caught In The Act

Im a very strange boy in my opinion. I like to wear dresses in private, and use hotdog's as d***** and i suck them and put them in my ass. I don't know why but i get hard over hotdogs and burgers, and especially: kethcup. The word is just so sexy. When im home alone i like to put my big sisters thong on and shove hotdogs in my ass. After that i pick dog s*** from the garden and lick it, but i only do that sometimes. I like to pee in cups and drink it. The last thing i do when im home alone is take the tomato ketchup and squirt it up my bumhole. I have been caught doing this by my mom several times, one time she seen me with a hotdog in my ass!
Yummy, so sexy.

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  • If this isn't a joke I reply with... Some people have fetishes and they may seem weird to others but I say go with what you like. Who the h*** cares? You don't have to tell them.

    Check the internet out and maybe one day you'll find a girl/guy who would love to help shove that hot dog up your butt.


  • this has to be a joke?

  • oh my gosh i dont mean to be rude but WOW!! :D oh and by the way u should read this outloud ketchup ketchup ketchup ketchup pour some of that yummy and sexy ass ketchup on a hotdog and stick it in ur ass mmmmhmmm it feels soo good ketchup ketchup ketchup mmmmm... in ur ass and all over ur d***!!! Yummy and sooo sexy :D ahahaha i bet u have a b**** know!!!

  • your mum must be so proud....

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