I'm so h**** it hurts, but my family is in the next room and if I shut my door they'll come and question me. Plus, dinner is in 10 minutes.

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  • My teenage son and I were living with family, and he had his own small room, but still not much privacy. We were saving major money though. But I knew he needed more privacy for alone time, so I bought a house and moved us out so he could have that privacy. I can't understand what's so evil about self love. I don't want to know or see, but I made sure he had the space and privacy to do what he needed to do.

  • We do not allow our son to m*********

  • I can't stand parents that think they should get to rule over how their children choose to explore their body. It's masturbation not murder FFS! It's normal and healthy!!!

  • My wife and I do not allow this. Teach them to resist the hormonal drive. Supervision is needed.

  • Why?

  • If you can't find privacy in your bedroom, use the bathroom. My hubby and I always know when our son escapes into the bathroom with his ipad that he's probably watching a "movie" and taking care of himself.

  • It takes a stronger person to abstain. My wife has challenged me to maintain sexual abstinance in support of our son who is unmarried obviously and therefore must be abstinant. It is really tough.

  • Maybe the bathroom can be ur get away....?!?!?

  • I was never allowed to close my door or be alone in my bed room unless I was going to sleep.

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