I can't stand my job anymore

I was out with a group of friends from work a couple of weeks ago including our boss. It was a brilliant night out and we subsequently went out most other nights after that aswell. At the time our boss was staying in the flat below mine as he had split from his partner. I went down to his one night for a few drinks with other people from work and when I came back upstairs I got a text saying to go back down if I wanted...

I've no idea why I went back down but I did and we had a few drinks just the two of us and subsequently ended up sleeping together. This happened about 5 or 6 times including on nights we were working which was a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

I'm now completely confused and I actually feel upset as Ive never denied to myself that I liked my boss but I always remembered he was in a relationship and accepted nothing would ever happen and now that we have slept together a few times everything just felt right and we even slept together twice whilst we were both stone cold sober.....

I can't help but feel like I'm actually starting to love him and it's killing me having to work with him 5 days a week and I hate lying to other people we work with as they are our friends and we treat each other like family so it's horrible having to keep this secret to myself as it's honestly starting to kill me. I'm just so confused with life right now 😔


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  • I just find it incredibly hard at work same as he does, it's like we want to be in work as a couple but obviously things prevent that, think it's driving us both to distraction to be honest.

  • Why is this such a big deal???? I am close with my friends, but sleeping with a married man. I don't tell them. It's not their business. Your s** life is yours alone. This needs to remain private, but it should anyway.

  • Just use each other for s** or comfort and then move on without regret.

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