on the date of december 28th, my friend enrique gonzalez was shot and killed by a drugdealing b****** who shot him to death. this is the first time im telling anyone this.but....it was all my fault that he died. back then i was a pothead and the day he was shot i was high and after he was shot i was to high to dial 911. after roughly three minutes enrique was dead.i could have called the police on my cell phone but i was so high i was unable to.
the reason i am telling my story is for two reasons 1:i needed to get that off my consciece and 2: what me and his family went through was unbareable and i dont want nyone to make the same mistake that i had made, so please dont make the same mistake i did. and stay off drugs, beacuse your not the only one who will be hurt by it, and trust me, i know from first hand experience

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ For that matter I've never been able to accurately time 3 minutes (or any length of time) when high, or even noticed. I'd be standing there dialing "420" instead of "911"...

  • I have never heard of someone being too high to call 911 after witnessing a murder. I call bullshit.

  • You never gave us the reason WHY he was shot in the first place.

  • Well, sounds like you did make some mistakes in your life, but I don't think his death could be considered ALL your fault. If a person is dead in 3 minutes there's probably not much of a chance that getting police on the scene more quickly could have changed that. I do think you're right in making the point that drugs are a bad business to get mixed up with.

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