My name is Diane and I am a professional photographer. I run my own business doing various events and teaching photography in my studio. I am in my late thirties , divorced with a son in college. Some say that I'm too young for my age and I have a very free spirit. I stay fit and have a toned and sexy body. I enjoy dating men of all ages and have also dated a few women. I simply do what I want. There is a young man who started attending my classes a few weeks ago. His name is Cody. He is 19 , kind of shy but is very mature physicaly. In plain terms he is a hottie with a rockin body. But he is unsure of himself , not very confident and a little too sweet. I think I can fx that. I asked him to stay after our class one day to help me with a set I was about to shoot. As we worked we talked . Turns out that he has only had one girlfriend in his short life and is inexperienced with women. We laughed and talked for a couple of hours and then I asked him if he wanted to get something to eat. My studio is upstairs from my loft so I took him downstairs and we cooked together. As we cooked I flirted with him subtly but he really didn't pick up on it. I decided to be direct. I told him to relax on the couch that I wanted to change. I went into my bedroom and stripped returning to the living room wearing only a short , silk robe . When he saw me he became nervous and I quickly sat down beside him. Relax Cody , I always wear this around the house , I reassured him. He kept glancing at my cleavage and tried to talk. I finally ran my hand up his thigh and told him to look at me. Everything is going to alright, I told him. I like you and whatever happens I want it to happen. I smiled which made him smile and he took a deep breath. Haven't you ever been with a women? I asked coyly . He went on to explain that he and his only girlfriend had s** once but he came too fast and she rejected him. I can help you with that , I said. I climbed on top of his lap and let my robe fall. His eyes were huge as they took in my full b******. I took his hands and placed them on my tots . His hands were large and by the feeling I was getting against my crothch, that c*** in his pants was as well. Inleanednin and kissed him , letting my tounge explore his young mouth. My Pusssy began to get moist. He was an excellent kisser and soon we were making out while his hands explored my body. Come with me I said as I stood up and lead him to my bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and told him to undress which he did quickly. There it was . A young , thick c*** fully erect and throbbing. He was already breathing fast I could tell he was getting too hot. One of the ways to not c** too soon is to focus on me. Can you do that? I asked. He shook his head. Have ever ate p**** Cody ? I asked . He said no. I laid back on the bed and told him to get on his knees. He obeyed. Just lick it , I said. He pulled my body to the edge of the bed as I soon felt his hot tounge lap at my wet c***. The sensation was magic. In no time he was a pissy eating champ. He was a natural. My body shook as he brought me to a quick o******. I was breathless. I sat up and told him to stand. His c*** was swollen as I traced my fingers up its shaft. A steady stream of pre c** was oozing out of his purple c*******. Steady Cody , I commanded . My hands pleasured his c*** and b**** as he moaned loudly. Onwas teasing him unmercifully. Ever have a b******? I asked . No but if you do I'm going to come. He said quickly. No your not. Your going to c** in my p**** , I informed him. I slid my hand down that wonderful young c*** and licked his sweet precum. His c*** slid into my mouth effortlessly. I took him all the way in until his c*** relaxed in my throat. I held him there for a minute. My tounge was almost touching his b****. As his body twitched my head bobbed up and down as my tounge swirled around his c*** like a snake. I sucked him hard enjoying every vein and the smell of his musk. His body trembled harder as he fought the urge to c**. I stopped sucking and looked at him. Good boy, you did well , I said. His c*** was even more thick than before. Relax I told him . I ran my hands over his hard body soothing his savage urge. I lay down in the middle of the bed and told him to get on top of me. His arms were as hard as steel as he hovered above me. F*** me Slowly , I told him. His thick young c*** stretched me wide as he entered me. I wasn't fully prepared for its girth. My p**** was so wet that he slid all the way which made me gasp. His young body was so firm . I ran my hands across his strong back and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started slowly at first but he soon was f****** me very hard. It was glorious. I whispered , you can't c** until I do. He grunted his agreement. With each thrust his c*** hit places in my p**** that I didn't even know I had. I quickly forgot about the instruction , closed my eyes and enjoyed every sensation. For several moments we were lost in abandonment. It took no time for me to have a multiple o******. The shock waves swept me into another world and I lost all sense of time and space. I was soon snapped back to reality as I felt a hot sensation in my stomach. Cody grunted loudly . His body went rigid and every one of his hard muscles contracted . A river of hot c** was flooding my cervix . I had never felt s**** so hot before. I squeezed him tight , grinding my hips hard against his throbbing c***. My body wanted to devour every drop. Both of us held each other as we became motionless . Even with his hard c*** still inside me I could feel a river of hot c** leak out of me and into the sheets. He climbed off and collapsed neside me on the bed. I reached down and scooped up a blob of his c** from my c***. I licked the sweet juice from my fingers. I rolled over and seeing his still erect p**** I licked our combined juices from his shaft. I then enjoyed the sensation of sucking that beautiful c*** until he grabbed the back of my head and pushed down. Suck it , yeah suck it hard. He said forcefully. Again my head was bobbing up and down as he spurred me on. It only took about five minutes until I felt a stream of super hot c** spray against my tounge. The room was filled with the sounds of gulping as I struggled to swallow every sweet drop. He finally let go of my head and his body , along with his c*** , finally went limp. I've defently created a monster.

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  • You can train him the way you want now to give and have sexual satisfaction, he will be eating out of your hand soon along with your nice c***, stay with it and you will have a lovely toy boy s** slave, how does cougar sound eh ? enjoy yourself you certainly sound like a very nice sexy person, I would like to hear that you had a tattoo put on his butt with "your name Slave" have it high on one cheek, all the best sweetheart

  • Wish i was cody

  • Simply amazing. He's one lucky guy.

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