So you bring me to HK with your family. Forgive me for acting so stupidly. Its strange you see when you love someone. You want them so much but you're afraid of giving everything because you're afraid of losing them. You don't want things to end so you take it slow even if it means torturing yourself. Love might be just like physics. The force of it could be inversely proportional to the fear that you have inside of you. Please stop looking down so much. Its a shame the world wont be able to see how beautiful your eyes are. It makes me feel so sad to hear you say that people are talking about you. I want to take you away from all of this. You have no idea how I'd like to hold your hand longer than 10 seconds. How I want you to get better so bad, that I like you so much that I'd feel like s*** just reading about the side effects of the medications you're taking. That when I think about marrying someone it would be you. That how perfectly your patience fits my fiery temper. That you're a saint compared to how I'm such a devil. That maybe I'd love to lead you home so bad from the dark streets and hurt you're having. That I'd push you in the street to save you from an angry driver even if it meant putting my own life in trouble. That I'd carry all the burden that you're having even if I'm still having my own demons to battle with. I'm telling you stuff that things are going to be okay because they really are going to be. You're going to be better and you have so much of your life ahead of you. You're going to create wonderful things. You're already doing that. You just need someone to help you realize it. Please get well soon. I'd really love to kiss you on the cheek and thank you so for everything that you've done for me. It's too much.

Jul 8, 2010

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