Iv never...

Iv never let my bf f*** me in the ass but i have let three stranger f*** my bumhole

Oct 5, 2016

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  • My wife has never let me f*** her ass. But she told me that all five of her previous boyfriends did. I thought that she would let me after our wedding but am still waiting 30 years later.

  • I'm in different boat, I've f***** girls in their ass but my wife won't let me f*** her in the ass. I think if I tell her I've done it it before she might let me but she also might get upset and it'll p*** her off

  • Funny she lets me do it

  • How did the other 3 times go? howdid they happen?

  • One night stands on a night out

  • Thats f***** up... Give it to him asap, u hear me, f**** asap... How would u feel if he has eaten other p**** but has never eat yours? Not soo good huh... Thats fd up, give it uppp

  • Fair point, i think i will let him have my a*** now

  • Go give it to him too

  • Oh you nasty b****! fors he pester you for it?

  • Pesters all the time

  • What a b****, let your bloke f*** your srde

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