High school circle jerks

When I was in high school, my friends and I would watch p***. This was back when VHS was the only option and wasn't easy for teenage boys to get their hands on. This was usually when spending the night in one of our basements. At first the four of us would just sit around and laugh and comment, not acknowledging the fact that we all had raging hard ons. After maybe a year of doing this about once a month, there was one night, when we were about 10 minutes into our feature film, I heard a zipper. I looked over, and one of my friends (it was his house) was going to town. We all gave him surprised and awkward looks. He said, "What? Don't act you don't all do it. You don't have to watch me. Make yourselves at home." None of us joined in at first, but by the second scene one other friends let out a sigh and unzipped. I didn't even notice when the other guy took his out, but a few scenes in, he was asking for kleenex. I couldn't do it. I masturbated a lot, but it was too weird to do it in front of other guys. I couldn't even look at them doing it. None of them pressured me or said anything about me doing it. In fact, none of them made much of a big deal about the whole thing at all. I probably way overthought the issue up until the next time we were spending the night at one of the other friend's house. We popped in a tape, and one by one they each whipped it out. Again, it was no big deal. I decided it was pointless to continue to deny myself the pleasure I desperately wanted as we watched these films. I started j**********, and no one said a word. As I was pondering how awkward it will be when I c**, the first friend stood up and took off his clothes. "It's so much easier. Don't feel like you can't" He was right. I've always preferred to have my clothes off when I m*********. The other two shrugged and followed suit. I hesitated, but did the same. This is how it was for another few months, and as we got comfortable with it, we started making jokes about who would probably c** first or the most times, which then evolved into games. We would lay down newspaper and see who could c** the farthest, or get it into a cup a few feet away. Just harmless fun. One guy was always the best at these games, so one of the other guys asked him about his technique. We watched and tried to copy what he was doing. I was apparently doing it wrong, so he reached over and showed me the technique himself on my d***. I was startled, but it didn't feel wrong. After a few seconds, he asked if I got it. I said yeah and tried again. I asked if I was doing it right. He said I almost had, but said when I c**, I have to move my hand in a different way. I watched him do it. He got it right in the cup. I stepped up to the line for my turn. I was always the worst at this. He asked, "Want me to show you?" I said OK. He stood behind me and stroked my until I came. It was the farthest I have ever shot a load. The other two laughed, surprised that one guy could control another guy's load like that. New games grew out of that, which involved jerking another guy off. We got so used to jerking each other off that sometimes we didn't even play games. We would just sit 2 and 2 on the couches and just j*** off whoever was sitting next to us. In a weird way, this was never gay to us. We always watched straight p*** and talked about girls we wanted to f***. At least speaking for myself, I never fantasized about guys. We all eventually got girlfriends, and I always had an insatiable drive for p****. We're all married now, some with kids. I'm still friendly with them, but only close with one. For a while we acted like it never happened, but then I eventually confessed to my wife. She thought it was hot and wanted to see it. I told my friend that I had told her, and he said his wife has known for years. She also wanted to see it. So we showed them. And they even put on a show for us. Now the four of us have a different once a month gathering. And like before, the fun evolved. If it turns my wife on for me to suck another's guy's d***, then so be it. And if f****** my friend in the ass means I get to f*** his wife in the ass, then I'm game. Maybe we'll give the other guys a call one of these days and see how open their wives are.


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  • Mmm teen c****, line up boys.

  • I had circle jerks with my friends all the time, but we never jerked each other off. I always wanted to, just to see what it's like, both to give and receive. That was a couple decades ago, and I'm sure my wife would not be into it. I've also always been curious to have a d*** in my mouth and make it c**. And to c** in another guy's mouth. I figure guys know how to work a d*** better than some women. I don't think I'd want to do a*** with another guy though. I'm happy being with just my wife for the rest of my life, but these are some things I wish I could have gotten out of my system when I was young.

  • As I've gotten older, I've learned to not care what anyone calls it. My wife lost interest in s** years ago. My friend is in the same boat and made the joke "too bad we're not gay". I laughed and said we'd have to be pretty damn drunk. Well we got pretty damn drunk watching football at my house while our wives were out shopping. He said he hoped the game didn't go into overtime, so he'd have time to j*** off at home before they got back. I told him the cat's out of the bag, so he could just do it here. He asked if we could pause the game and put p*** on my 50" TV. I said Ok. I also wanted to j*** off before my wife got home anyway. We slammed another beer and got started. A few minutes in he asked if we were drunk enough. I said "I don't know. Tell me if this is weird." I started stroking his d***. He said "A little. A shot should fix that." We each did a shot of Jack, and before I knew it we had our hands on each other's d****. We weren't very far into it when we heard car doors. We zipped up and put the game back on as our wives walked through the door. They complained about us being drunk and asked what kind of trouble we had gotten into. I said "What happens during football stays during football." When we made plans to watch the next game at his house, I asked how much beer he had. He said "A LOT. And Jack." By half time we were both feeling a buzz. I said "You know, last time we didn't c**, so it's not considered gay. Maybe we don't need to be as drunk." He agreed. We sat side by side, stroking each other's c****. We did a shot and then we blew our loads on the coffee table. Then it became a running joke that because we don't blow each other it's not gay. Then when we actually did start blowing each other, it became as long as we're not butt f******, it's not gay. However, we agreed if our team wins the Superbowl, we'll go for it. It's highly unlikely, but I'll be cheering extra hard this season. All that being said, I'd still rather f*** my wife.

  • Amen. Had similar experiences in childhood but don't go there anymore but if my wife found it hot (she actually doesn't) then I'd do it. We're already swingers and she loves girls so I'm happy.

  • People need to let go of labels and just enjoy what feels good. The four of you pleasuring your selves and each other hurt no one . I had a fried who's father had a huge stash of p*** on vhs , his parents were divorced, we would spend hours jerking off together watching them and yes it did move on to jerking and sucking each other off . We eventually, both got girlfriends but from time to time would spend some guy time watching p*** and pleasuring each other Today we are both married with kids and grew up to be normal adults no damage done . lol

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