Ready for kids...?

How does one know they're ready to have children? I've been with my gf for 9 years, since she was 16 and I 19, she's ready to start a proper family but kids aren't something I find myself around (her friends have them, and she works with them) so I can understand how she knows. But I'm just worried that I am ready, but have no way of knowing or the utter opposite and I don't want to get her pregnant and then panic! So how did you guys know you were ready? :)

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  • I think a person would know, whether or not, they're ready to have children. However, everyone is different.
    My future brother-in-law and his wife had a baby in June. We recently had a family event and I asked him, how fatherhood is going. He said it's fine.
    He mentioned his brother and I starting a family. We confirmed, we aren't ready to. He replied, "no one is" I asked him if he was ready to have kids, when his wife and him were deciding to have one, he confirmed he thought it was, that next thing to do in their marriage.
    Which translated to me as," because we're married now, it makes sense to start a family!" I thought it was a stupid thing to say! Just because a couple is married, doesn't mean they're automatically obligated to conform to,
    societies wedding traditional idealisms!

    Basically, have children when you're ready to! Not because, your partner is. Discuss how you feel with your partner. Your feelings are, just as important as hers. She maybe ready to start a family, but you aren't. You'll know when you're.

  • I agree that you shouldn't have children if you're not ready or don't truly want them, but I can say my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. She's incredible. She's a teenager now and I still love being a mom. But, I also have to say I am divorced, and share custody too...

  • Don,t have kids if only she wants them. You don,t have the least clue how they can destroy your life. I am childfree because I could see the misery kids cause when I was little. Don,t do it!

  • 1. Decide. Commit.
    2. Get married.
    3. Have kid.
    4. Affair.
    5. Dissolution.
    6. Fight.
    7. Divorce.
    8. Custardy battle.

  • I would pay good money to see that custardy battle.

  • Mmmm custard

  • So glad we don't have any. So very glad.

  • You never know! You have no idea what to expect even if you work with kids. I used to think that if i could work with 12 at the same time a few of My own would not be a problem. I'm a mother of three now and i could have not been more wrong. Ofcourse they bring a lot of joy, but it never stops! Never! Do all the things you want to do (like traveling and stuff) before you Starr having kids. Once they are there your own life is over and gets a completely new meaning. Working with kids is NOT the same and can give you a false idea of what it is going to be like. Talk to her and tell her your doubts. Make sure the both of you are on the same page, talk about parenting issues, on how you would like to raise them. Even if they aren't even born yet.

  • You should never have kids on purpose. Why would anyone plan that s***?

  • So you don,t f*** up your life, their lives, and the entire planet. Humans are the most destructive force on earth.

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