Never ignore a person that loves n cares for you.Because One day you might wake up and realize that you have lost the moon counting the stars.
You have to water the plant & nurture it to keep it fresh..
Taken for granted is not right cos nothing is guaranteed in this world...
So many thoughts come in mind...words and lines..
I am in the process of destroying my feelings and this time everything is falling in place it seems..
Either I was terribly wrong all these f****** days or I am only getting the essence right now..
But it still hurts to think it was only musings.
Definitely this thought will also pass someday.
Hope coming days will make you forget me and everything that happened..
Only thing that is paining much is that penning nitty-gritties was my habit and stopping that is really hurting so had to come here today.
Hope I can restrict myself in future..
Around you my world used to revolve and leaving the orbit is hard.
Addiction is not easy to leave ..But past few days restlessness or heart's desire I could control no doubt it killed me so had to break free today hope weeks will turn into months and then years ..
I will make you forget my presence in this earth completely..
Glass houses do hurt I realized now fully...

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  • Sending you love R...if its you ( just in case) ... I can't write on this site... Too confusing. X

  • It's not R. Glad you're too confused to stick around here.

  • That burns. Don't worry keep writing if that's all that hurts you. I won't check here anymore.

  • Please don't worry about me I only know how am treated.You are free to do anything and so do I ...I don't think I can write anything anymore..
    You didn't understand ever and now I don't want you to understand anything about me...

  • Glass houses hurt cause of alll the window pains. Ouch!

  • Ouch, I think I may kill myself then

  • Not

  • You are delusional and imagined it all.

  • Stfu. She doesn't care, never will. Be better

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