It's not a big deal

My husband doesn't satisfy me. So, I cheat. It's not complicated. It's not wrong.

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  • My husband doesn't want to use me anymore, so I satisfy myself with my 13-year-old son. He rams me five or six times a night when my husband is not home.

  • Your perspective is - that cheating isn't wrong. If you don't deem it as wrong, why haven't you told your husband about you straying ways? If it's not complicated, why cheat instead of discussing your needs to your husband - like an adult married person should?

  • Depends on the situation I think. I f*** a married man regularly. His wife is just too much. Emotional basket case. All over the map. Plays emotional games. Needy, bossy, and demanding (I know her myself, so this isn't information given to me from him). It amazes me the man hasn't lost it! So, I am his way to relax. I get pleasure from it too. I don't see his cheating as wrong.

  • Absolutely. I've always believed that a spouse isn't even breaking his or her marriage vows if the other one isn't fulfilling theirs. It's an old cliché, but if one spouse isn't taking care of business at home in bed, the deprived spouse has the right to go find some arousal, pleasure and joy. And BTW, I have the feeling that you are not just a "way to relax" for your man. It seems like you've been a couple for quite some time. Plus, the way you described her scattered mental and sexual state seems to imply a much deeper relationship and caring between you and her husband. Just saying......

  • Probably, but I will walk if the time should come. I always walk. He's not leaving her, and I can't/won't take him from her. So, it will likely come that I will have to walk. I accept that.

  • I understand. So you must ask yourself why you stay with him. Men cheat all of the time, so I'm not judging you.

  • I stay because it's convenient, his family has money, and we have two children together. It's easier to stay than to go.

  • That makes you a prostitute'

  • If it wasn't wrong then you wouldn't say you cheat on him, you would say 'I have s** with other men and my husband knows all about it. Cheating is wrong by definition, just saying.

  • By the standards and usages of the culture, it's called cheating without regard for the objective belief of the speaker. And to be honest, I like the way that feels, to use that word. I enjoy it more. :)

  • Monogamy isn't natural and is brought on by religion and lack of condoms........were not in the Bronze Age lol

  • We're, not were

  • Actually it is wrong, you could catch something and he'd be an unknowing victim of it

  • I'm careful, and use protection, at least with people I don't know. After I've been with somebody for awhile, and get a sense of who they are and how they live, I will occasionally let them ride bareback.

  • Thats the reason ill be a forever virgen im scared to s**** up :P

  • Don't be scared. You're missing out on one of the greatest joys in human existence. Get out there and get laid. Stop waiting.

  • It's a great joy to you, but not everyone craves and desires s**. Stop assuming s***!

  • How about telling him what to do to satisfy you.
    Or whip him.

  • Yeh, I wasted a couple years trying that but he couldn't get into it. I mean.....he'd try a few things, but he never got down. Never.

  • Discuss how you feel to your husband, stop being a treacherous disloyal s****!

  • Grow some b**** and come clean! You're just a pathatic little b**** who is afraid to tell him the truth

  • Pathetic is the correct spelling

  • I'm not afraid to tell him. I enjoy NOT telling him.

  • You are both so wrong!!

  • I f*** girls like you all the time. my wife satisfies me but Your right, its not wrong.

  • Thank you! It's a pleasure to meet someone whose beliefs I share. Enjoy yourself. (I would say, "keep it up", but these other people here might take that the wrong way!)

  • Who gives a f*** if you like cheating, encourage idiots to cheat and condone cheating! Do whatever you f****** choose, just don't mislead anyone and hurt someone in the process of your betrayals. That's uncool to do so and you're a douchebag if you play with peoples emotions like that! Human emotions aren't toys!

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