not so sure

truth is it's not because we have polar opposite political views that scares me. it's not even the possibility that things might not work out. it's the fact you're joining up and could die. there i said it. you may be the brave one but i'm not so sure i can be. i don't want you to die.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • f*** u 2 ^^

  • ^Wow, name calling. I bet you really hurt their feelings!

  • F*** commentor #2, you panzy ass piece of S***!

  • ^^ Why do you people always say God Bless to groups of people who kill?

  • ^I'm sorry I couldn't help but laugh at your bullshit. Because someone doesn't join the army they have less b****? Why don't you join up in the army then, if you don't does that mean you have shittier ovaries? Why didn't we attack Russia (an equal army with equal weapons) when they attacked Georgia? Georgia helped us with Iraq, and we stabbed them in the back.
    Just because you're one step away from goose stepping, doesn't make you right. Idiot.

  • if you LOVE him, you have to accept his dedication to country, knowing full well the consequences could be catastrophic, and there is NO way that you leave him JUST because he happens to have more b**** than the men who don't "join up".. Good luck and God Bless your man!

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