Enjoy it everytime

I'm a female in mid 20's. I enjoy meeting up with married men from dating sites and hooking up in forest trails or truck stops where I deepthroat and do a***. I love the fast that they are cheating on there wives with me.

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  • Sick. One day you will find someone you care about and if they cheat you will find out what its like. One day it will come back to you.

  • I'm 55 and willing to help you.

  • I feel the exact same way. The only difference is that I insist that they take me to a nice hotel or apartment.

  • There is a thrill in s*x with married men, but I don't see a woman meeting them in forests and truck stops. Sounds like a recipe for being attacked/murdered.

  • Im a trucker and i treat em right cuz its so nice to get sum when on the road for so long so thankful to jus sit n chat with s girl is great but i treat em real nice its trucker code

  • Stick it to the man !!!

  • You know what I think. I think this was written by a guy. A lod sad guy like me who's love life is boring. Whos wife has lost intest in him. Someone who wishes for some excitement, some value and who seeks it on the internet and somehow through boredom or frustration ends up at confessionpost.com amd writes this drivel.

    On the other hand if you really are who you say you are then keep going. Give the men the pleasure they dream off.

  • Ur happy there happy to h*** with their wives

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