I am sorry

I am in debt of $215 and I almost carjacked a lady till I saw she had a kid at the back.

Oct 8, 2016

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  • Get you a sugar momma dude, they love to take care of young guys

  • I felt anger after my car got stolen u should be so lucky the police catch u first or u might feel a lot a lot of pain before ur time on this earth ends

  • Why did the kid make the difference u don't think that someone without a kid needs a car too u piece of s*** get a job.....I gotta feeling this post is fake

  • U gonna get run over hopefully u will stay alive for as long as possible then die in hospital

  • Who carjacks for $215? Just sell some stuff, idiot.

  • Thank you for apologizing

  • Some women be packing you better be careful; if anyone ever approached my car when my child was younger I'd have hopped out keys in hand and jacked you up. Stop doing drugs you can't afford and get a job!

  • How's carjacking going to make it all better? Hey, please explain. I really would like to know this line of reasoning!

  • Actually try carjacking a car infront of the police station. Get caught. Then you will get meals and accommodation for a while. No stress.

  • Righf, no downside to getting arrested. F****** get a job loser.

  • What about getting a job... there's a novel idea. Then you wouldn't be in debt, you wouldn't commit a crime that would certainly land you in jail and f*** up your life anymore than it sounds like it is.. because you have to stoop to carjacking.

  • Become a w**** r a rentboy

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