Things are getting crazy

When I was married to my wife for several years, I stumbled upon her diary from before we were married. Nicole had always been pretty prudish in bed, and told me that she had never had an o***** from s** and wouldn't let me eat her out. That is what made the revelations so revealing. Masturbation with sorority sisters turned into lesbian encounters. Her ex boyfriend Mark convinced her to do several 3 ways. Lots of dirty graphic s**... The most painful section was her writing about her ex boyfriend Jeff, and how she could finally o***** (again and again) because of his big c***.
I felt hate and anger well up inside me, and our marriage has struggled since then (10 more years).
I became completely infatuated with this sexual side of her that she had never really shared with me," to the point of obsession. I rigged our room with cameras and microphones to see if maybe she still did have some of that s sexuality left. She had more than I bargained for. Although she doesn't own any d*****, she masturbated 3-5 times a week while being completely unavailable to me. S** every other month was the best I could hope for. On top of that she would stick very big things in her p****. Curling irons, shampoo bleeps, a jewelry box from a bracelet I had given her. Not only did she eagerly take 10 inch objects, they were thick! And you wanted believe the filth that was coming out of her mouth.
"I want that big d***! Give me that! "One time she had to objects one big and the other my size (6 inches). She took turns between the 2 and mocked the smaller while worshipping the bigger.
I tried to resolve things with my wife without acknowledging what I had done. She told me that she just isn't that interested in s** and it just isn't that important.
Last month I cheated on her, and find myself noticing and ogling other women constantly. I think I will just f*** as many women as possible. When I'm f****** a normal v***** instead of the Grand Canyon, some women like my average d***


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  • Actually the average p**** ranges from 5 to 7 inches ,so he is right in the middle . These stories of 10 and 12 inch d**** are from people who have either never looked at a ruler or just fantasize .

    I went through a similar situation with my husband after our s** life dwindled down to nothing. I found out one afternoon after catching him watching p*** and masturbating . I confronted him about it , he stopped watching p*** all the time and our s** life has returned to normal.

    I do think if she isn't interested in having s** with you ,you should find someone that will. She is your wife and shouldn't withhold s** from you.

  • No wonder she isn't interested in you, 6 inches = too small

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