Things are getting crazy

When I was married to my wife for several years, I stumbled upon her diary from before we were married. Nicole had always been pretty prudish in bed, and told me that she had never had an o***** from s** and wouldn't let me eat her out. That is what made the revelations so revealing. Masturbation with sorority sisters turned into lesbian encounters. Her ex boyfriend Mark convinced her to do several 3 ways. Lots of dirty graphic s**... The most painful section was her writing about her ex boyfriend Jeff, and how she could finally o***** (again and again) because of his big c***.
I felt hate and anger well up inside me, and our marriage has struggled since then (10 more years).
I became completely infatuated with this sexual side of her that she had never really shared with me," to the point of obsession. I rigged our room with cameras and microphones to see if maybe she still did have some of that s sexuality left. She had more than I bargained for. Although she doesn't own any d*****, she masturbated 3-5 times a week while being completely unavailable to me. S** every other month was the best I could hope for. On top of that she would stick very big things in her p****. Curling irons, shampoo bleeps, a jewelry box from a bracelet I had given her. Not only did she eagerly take 10 inch objects, they were thick! And you wanted believe the filth that was coming out of her mouth.
"I want that big d***! Give me that! "One time she had to objects one big and the other my size (6 inches). She took turns between the 2 and mocked the smaller while worshipping the bigger.
I tried to resolve things with my wife without acknowledging what I had done. She told me that she just isn't that interested in s** and it just isn't that important.
Last month I cheated on her, and find myself noticing and ogling other women constantly. I think I will just f*** as many women as possible. When I'm f****** a normal v***** instead of the Grand Canyon, some women like my average d***


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  • Lol it seems like she does have a normal size v*****. It's because you have a lower than average, d***. Sorry man, but you're deflecting.

    Accept you have a small d*** and move on. Admit it, your wife loves big d**** and you don't have one. You don't need to insult her v*****, just because you have issues about your d*** side!

  • Lol size

  • I think you should encourage her to f*** a real man like me! I promise she won't be a prude; she will come unglued when I fill her more than you half way inπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜› I do wives like your wife, you are the cuckold archetype! Except you say you cheAted on her... Don't lie! No one wants your little d*** chuck boy!

  • I have a very small c*** and after a couple of years of marriage my wife decided she wanted more. She wanted to include me in her "adventures" so we tried the swinging lifestyle. That did not work out well because when the other women saw my little d*** they were not happy and felt deceived. It quickly turned into a cuckold relationship with my wife meeting quite a few guys through the years. Size became an issue for her as she seemed to o***** much quicker and much harder with well hung guys so most were above average size (7-9 inches) but she did meet a few that were very large (10-12 inches). I saw her measure one black guy and unbelievably it was exactly 12 inches. She did not have s** with him very often because she had trouble standing or walking because her insides hurt so much after s** with him. So I guess for some women there is a preferable range of sizes.

  • There are loads of augmenters out there from strap ons that look like human penises to fantasy ones that look like animals, aliens, and even realistic horse sized penises. Buy the largest you can find and surprise her with it (and a large bottle of lube).

  • I guess what's so frustrating, is despite what I've seen and heard, she is so cold and prudish that I can't imagine introducing this. Really turns me on, but I am conditioned to be rejected

  • She doesn't appear cold and prudish. Maybe, she doesn't enjoy s** with you.

  • Obviously she doesn't enjoy s** with me, troll. That was the point of the f****** post dumnazz! The point is she's prudish with me and acts appalled if I want to do ANYTHING besides missionary. She also hates oral s**. I have had 10 sexual partners with a good s** life. But the one I married is the least adventurous of all, including several one night stands

  • It seems like she is adventurous. But doesn't want to be, with you for some reason. Perhaps you're the problem.

    Maybe she isn't sexually attracted to you anymore. It happens.

    What seems obvious, is that you're protecting your ego and manhood by stating - she's the least adventurous of all the women you've slept with - But it's apparent she is sexually adventurous, from what's written about her past conquests and the sexual escapades she carries out on herself, when alone.

    Secretly filming a person within a personal capacity, is immoral and an invasion of her privacy. I don't condone that. It conveys a lot about the culprit doing it, compared to the victim being filmed.

  • Fair criticism, but I disagree a bit. For one, I know a couple of her ex boyfriends and they complained about how she was a dead fish in bed. That being said, I knew that when I married her butshe convinced me that we would work the s** problems out. In hindsight it was stupid of me... As far as protecting my ego; perhaps. But what I said is true. I guess I'm wrong for trying to look at my sexual history to determine if it was a trend.
    I honestly believe she is a secret freak but has a major guilt complex. I believe she is damaged goods, and got taken advantage of and used after her escapades, so she became very conservative. But I do think she misses it, and acts out when she's alone.
    As far as immoral activity, I know what I'm doing isn't right. But when you are in a sexless marriage with someone who Jills off 4 - 6 times a week, it made me crazy. It is easy for me to justify my behavior in my head because although I imvaded her privacy, she ripped my heart out and took a s*** on it.
    You think I'm a dirt bag, maybe your right. I also posted one of the files to a p*** sharing site. I think part of me hopes she will find out

  • Lol dumnazz!

  • Actually the average p**** ranges from 5 to 7 inches ,so he is right in the middle . These stories of 10 and 12 inch d**** are from people who have either never looked at a ruler or just fantasize .

    I went through a similar situation with my husband after our s** life dwindled down to nothing. I found out one afternoon after catching him watching p*** and masturbating . I confronted him about it , he stopped watching p*** all the time and our s** life has returned to normal.

    I do think if she isn't interested in having s** with you ,you should find someone that will. She is your wife and shouldn't withhold s** from you.

  • I feel that way to, but my heart breaks for my children

  • If your wife isn't interested, give her options e.g Swingers club, threesome, s** dungeon or just twosome's with an escort, experiment and try new positions.

    Even after the above suggestions and If she still doesn't want to try and meet you half way, outright tell her you're going to have a side chick.

    A relationship is about compromise, communication, teamwork and understanding etc. If your wife isn't willing to try, then why should you. If s** is important to you, your wife shouldn't dismiss that factor. It may not be important to her anymore, but it is to you.

    Try romancing her and set the ambience/mood for love making. Pull out all the stops! Good luck

  • No wonder she isn't interested in you, 6 inches = too small

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