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My husband doesnt get me off at all and he never has ... i gave him 2 children and several screaming (literally) o******... wat a f****** waste.. someone please give me pleasure.. lisma101@yahoo.com
uhk i need to be taken care of in this cruel f****** world

Central nj

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  • Call me

  • Lmfoa.... stay off my account... this whole s*** isnt funny

  • Who... lump nut?

  • I like the band limp bizkit

  • I'd like to hope that u r capable of getting someone off too if ur not stellar at it well ......hopefully ur p**** is still good after being torn twice

  • You chauvinistic, ignorant fool!! It's easier to make a man o*****, compared to a woman! Was your mothers p**** irreparable, after she had you!! Know doubt it was, after giving birth to a fat f*** like yo!!

  • You would not be the first married woman I have f*****. So many whose bodies need to be caressed, b****** suckled and c*** licked. Some of it hard and fast while others love it slow and passionate. Each ending with a thick load of sperm spraying their cervix and filling their wombs. I live on the boarder of NY and NJ. Email me if your body desires what your husband can't give. cmtmj2005@optonline.net

  • Damn dude u sound like a moron....some like it hard and fast while others like it slow...............loserrrrrr

  • I just sent you an email...

  • I really wish we lived closer to one another. If we did, I'd be all over you. Constantly. I wouldn't give a s*** about your pitiful ignorant b****** of a husband. If he won't take care of you, if he won't excite and arouse you, and if he won't get you off, I would. I'd get you off three and four and five times every day. Sometimes more. You'd have to beg me to stop. I would turn you into the most ravenous s*** in New Jersey. You'd be kissed, and eaten, and fingered, and eaten, and massaged, and eaten, and f***** (in all three holes, every time we're together), and eaten, until you could no longer stand it. I would ruin you. And I would ruin your marriage. You would NEVER want your husband any more. I want you. Oh my dear sweet GOD, I want you. I want to be next to your naked body. And then I want to be inside your naked body. I want to f*** you in the bed where you sleep with your husband. Yes, I want to take his place. I want to make you the woman you once were. I want to make you the s**-addicted w**** you thought you might become but never became, because you married the wrong man. And I want to knock you up.

  • Denise! How could you??!

  • I can give it to you hun

  • After ^this^ guy, I'm next in line. I want you, and I want to make you c** like a tramp.

  • I call extra sloppy thirds!

  • Disgusting!!

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