Leggings in Public

When I walk in public I see a lot of women with leggings and I can't stop but to look at their **. I find it very attractive for women to show off their ** but not when either they don't got an ** to show or they're old or fat. Leggings aren't for all women so it bothers me when an old lady where's them. If I see a young girl wearing leggings, it brightens my day, but when I see an old lady wearing leggings it ** my day up. It just confuses me why women who know they are not on the red carpet want to show their ** off. Please, cut it out. Not the young girls of course, keep it up. Like I said ealier it brightens my day when I see a young booty versus an old one.

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  • "when an old lady where's them"

    Well boy, it bothers ME when someone who can't spell uses a keyboard for the entire world to see. Leave the older ladies alone (more for us MEN anyway) and grow some IQ points before you inflict your stupidity on the rest of us again, okay? That would brighten MY day!

  • I like leggings so much I bought my own along with ** if woman can do OT men can too

  • Just a thought but maybe the older women wearing them are doing it because they are comfortable ,not to show off their **. Not every women wears leggings so guys have something to go home and ** thinking about them.

  • For me, I am MORE than willing to assume the risk of seeing dozens of women who shouldn't wear leggings in order to accrue the reward of seeing one who absolutely SHOULD be wearing them. Yeah, I'll happily hold down my lunch in exchange for seeing that one woman for whom leggings were designed. God bless those women. And the rest of them? I'll learn to cope. :)

  • I agree. It's totally worth it to see every type of woman in the world in leggings instead of seeing no woman ever in leggings.

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