Afraid of Change

My partner has started to transition ftm and I'm happy for him but it still makes me feel like s***. He understands that I'm uncomfortable with my body bit he doesn't know that I hate myself for it. I want to identify as gender neutral, get rid of my b******, and get a name and pronoun change but I'm scared as h***. He saw the opportunity to change and he did it beautifully and flawlessly but my opportunity passed by miles ago. It sounds stupid but I'm probably gonna wait for years to do this for my family will think I'm an abomination and they made that very clear. It might just stay a dream but who knows! Baby steps right?

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  • 'Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind'- Dr. Suess
    If you hate your body and you SO is making you feel bad then you should go ahead and do the change! Your family should support you no matter what. If they truly love you then they will understand. Sometimes we make ourselves suffer because we are afraid that other people will reject us. But you shouldn't suffer. They should just open their minds.

  • It would be great if we could just have a brain exchange. I could have a girls body and you could have my male body.

  • You'd be suprised how supportive family can be once you actually change.

  • Some families aren't supportive :-( that's a fact, unfortunately.
    Re-read what the OP, said about hers.

    One love :-)

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