A while ago, I confessed that I have extreme anxiety and could barely get out of my house so many of you said to find help. I did but now its starting to make me seem "weak" I feel like I'm walking with crutches and I depend on my therapist too much. They informed me that having high functioning anxiety can be very life changing and its good that I found help but that still doesn't change the fact I feel horrible that I fell so low I had to involve someone in my life to help me mentally like I wasn't capable to do it on my own. (I just needed to get that out)

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  • You are weak. Get over it. "it" being worrying about being weak. Get over it and start working on the anxiety and getting out of the house thing. You are just making excueses.

  • Shut up a******, you are not this person, and what you are staying is deeply affecting how they are coping, everyone has their struggle. You are a coward behind a computer screen, get a real life you unhappy b******.

  • *staying

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