Just something I feel weird about

So..I'm 14 and I just started wearing real bras with the underwire and stuff. So, I got one that seemed alright at the store, but started seeming kind of too big when I started wearing it daily. So, one day I had the idea of wearing my strapless bra, which has some padding under the too-big bra, which also has a little padding. It was awesome because it made my ** look bigger, and I love it. So now I do that everyday, and I feel sort of like I'm a fake or something because my ** aren't nearly as big as they seem because of the double bras. Also, in case you were wondering, it doesn't hurt to wear both bras.

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  • 32A for a 14 yr old umm no. im 14 and a C cup so just no. you don't know anything.

  • lol i wear a water filled bra, and i am in my 20s, same as wearing make-up

  • yea i personally love small ** ...nice petite body smooth tan legs...** are over rated

  • Wearing two bras is no big deal. It doesn't matter what size your boobies are. If it makes you feel better about your body and have more confidence, do it! Remember that not all guys are ** guys.
    Some guys are ** guys. I for one prefer a nice back porch much
    more than a big pair of dagmars.

  • thats pathetic. you're ** fourteen, you dont need to look like a big bossomed tramp.
    and by the way, someone WILL pull the padding out if the get the chance ( believe me i'd do it to someone, & i know tons of other people who would to.)
    buy a small bra ie ( 32 A) that'll fit your prepubescent body
    people like big ** yes, not so much a lot of padding stuffed down your bra. have a little more self esteem than that please.

  • It's all about making yourself out to be more than you really are, both sexes do it. And most of us know that what people look like from the outside isn't the real deal.

  • ^^ Above poster say the truth you are gay and there is nothing wrong with that ^^

    ** Alert!!

  • Can i ** on your tiny tittles?

  • That's called false advertising and yes you are being a fake.
    What's wrong with your breast size? Lots of guys like smaller **! : )

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