I think I'm letting my son down, and chronic pain

I always thought I hated being a mother, like parenting took something away from me, but I realise now that wasn't the case. I'm failing as a mother.

I'm ill with a chronic pain condition which means I'm unable to find work that I can do that won't make my condition worse. My options are limited.

I have multiple degress and have worked all my life, but this condition is making me feel hopeless. It has taken so much from me. I'm trying to build a business from home but failing miserably. I have little to no money, my motivation has left me. I feel like I'm not doing right by my boy.

He's so bright and is clearly a natural entrepreneur. Very focused. Very creative. Takes no bullshit from anyone. I love that about him. I'm trying to help him reach all his dreams. But it hurts to know I haven't got things right for him. I don't even have any savings. I don't want to ruin him or hurt his upbringing, but being a single mother with no family support or friends to help leaves me exhausted.

I hoping that things pick up soon. I need a job or for the home business to work so I have some money coming in. I wish my pain will give me a break so I can walk 20min without suffering the consequences the next day.
I want to help and protect my son but how can I when I can't do it for myself.


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  • Telling your son, or writing him a letter and letting him know how amazing you think he is would be so special for him to keep. I'm sure he knows you would give him the world if you could.

  • Have you ever thought about ssi disability? Whatever you decide, I hope you feel better.

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