Just thought

Today while watching a balloon floating into the sky my heart became heavy.
It made me remember "You" ....once out of reach never will come back again.
I could feel a deep pain it made me realize all over again I am very bad in letting go....
If only I had a magic wand..
This is why I love fairy tales with happy ending if only life could be such easy and colourful as we learn to paint in childhood days.

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  • You knew exactly what you needed to do. You were just too scared and too much of a control freak. When you threw me under the bus for not playing by your unspoken rules, that killed it the rest of the way.

    Besides, I was seeing way too many red flags for possible abusiveness. I don't care what we had or have between us, that will never fly with me. Take one swing at me, just one, and you will disappear.

    If and when you ever grow some b_alls, use this internet thing to find me because I will never come for you again. You will be very thoroughly assessed before I so much as have coffee with you.

  • There are certain strings which can't be fastened into knots no matter how much one try it slips

  • That's what happens when you don't properly fasten the string to your wrist.

  • Love you. X

  • I hope someday you find the one who you care about and who cares about you enough for you to let go of what you're feeling now. It's a bittersweet feeling, remembering the good times but trying to let go.

  • I love confessions like this <3

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