i hate my best friend

she is a total **! she once told her never to see her again, it was the happiest time of my life, i wont go into detail but we are firends again because she will be able to get me through high school.

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  • ouch! what a **

  • Don't feel bad, I hate MY best friend too.
    But that's because I found out he waited until I passed out and my wife got drunk at a New Year's Eve party and made her give him a **.
    Worst part about it, is she thought it was me.
    And yes, that's a TRUE story.

  • hear hear!

  • My polite answer is In about four years all your drama will seem exceedingly stupid, and you will never see most of these people again.

    My impolite answer is to shut the ** up, no one cares about your make drama for the sake of having drama limited as ** life experience.

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