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I like panties. I've been wearing panties on and off a large portion of my life. I for sure don't get anything out of dirty or used panties. That's nasty. I like panties over men's underwear for comfort and fit. The only types for men seem to be boxers and briefs. There are other styles but generally its traditional male underwear or I want to be a stripper male underwear. I don't get into male style lingerie. It's strange and strange. Women's panties though are designed around comfort, style, fit, and so forth. With panties I can select a pair based on what I'm wearing and the mood I'm in. Some days is a comfy jockey brief or French cut brief if I'm needing full converge but wanting a little flirt. I started off serious panty wearing when I discovered jockey. Their panties are so comfortable and soft. The French cut offers you full coverage and a sexy panty line to boot. My current drawer is full of lane Bryant's collection called Cacique. They have incredible stuff as well. I purchased more recently a collection of cheeky hipsters, string bikinis, and cheeky string bikinis. My wife hates the cheeky style but it's my favorite. The front though designed for a lady offers plenty of coverage for me and the back is the same size so it only covers a little bit which I find quite sexy. I'm a working man, I drive trucks and work with customers. There is noting about me that is anything except married and straight. I just get a rush from knowing that I've got a cheeky little panty line. I also enjoy their string bikinis that are sexy but have a little more coverage and of course the hipster. You can't go wrong with hipsters. I even bought a couple lace g string panties for when I want to just feel naughty. Panties for me help me go with the flow. If I'm wearing slacks I'll use something small and minimal so not to advertise my secret. When I wear jeans I tend to wear more deductive panties like small bikinis and such. The only issue with panties is they don't absorb as much so I often wear stay free pads for that and to keep forms taking the front of my panties. It sounds strange but you won't find a straighter man. I just like panties, my wife doesn't mind, and I like feeling sexy in my pants.

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  • Plenty like you Pal, it is great especially if your wife knows and supports, at home I wear sexy panties, bras and nighties all my own and my wife loves seeing me like that, occassionally she will make me up and put on a blond wig I don't look too bad so am just about to start wearing heels

  • For me....I still the guy that my wife counts on for her rock. Neither of us have dominant fetishes and such. She doesn't get a thrill from me wearing panties but she doesn't say to much. I keep it totally normal. I'm down with what you have, I just don't have a desire to be a woman. One day it might be totally become culturally acceptable to wear panties as a straight man and it likely would lose its edge for me who knows? But, for now, it's my taboo way and it works.

  • Just FYI there are companies that make underwear cut for men but styled like panties. You'd probably be better off with those.

  • Very possibly could but there is a sense of eroticism in panties that you don't get in the ones you speak of, not to mention the cost. Taboo is the motive for all things that stretch the sexual realm. It's why we do and experiment with a lot of things. Walking around my warehousing job wearing a cheeky pink bikini from lane Bryant makes me feel sexy, improves my s** life and my s** drive because I feel edgy and naughty, and gives me a confidence booster. When another female walks around on tight pants and you can see that her panty choice is naughty, that turns me on. When I see that she's wearing a similar style as me...boom! Of course many would say I've got a misplaced fetish and so on but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm a gun toting redmeck and I love being a tough dude with a sexy secret. Panties are delicate, have a much better style selection and cut option and make me happy. I don't do wigs and makeup....frankly find all that weird. I wear panties for the same reason many women feel sexy underneath. Beyond that, it's boots and jeans and a camo hat. Lol.

  • I too love Lane Bryant panties; however I do find them overpriced and the sexy ones you can’t find in the stores only online.

  • Everyone has their own fetish. What they like and like a lot. Another person likes something just a bit different or maybe a lot different.

    I guess I really appreciate that difference and sameness and I'm glad you enjoy what you enjoy. Me i'm into plastic pants. Just me.

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