Roommates can eat it.

I never have a set schedule, which causes me to work insane hours. My roommates have a set schedule. They start early and are home early, in bed early. By the time I'm home, I can't even cook a meal because it could wake them up. I'm hardly home. And when I am, i usually spend it sleeping because I don't have a normal sleep pattern. They think I laze about on my days off when in truth, I do clean the house, even though its really not my mess to clean. I'm sorry all their animals mess it up before they have a chance to realize it.
But what really gets me is the fact that they set up their door a special way to see if I've been Going in or out of their room. As if I'm going to go into their room for s***. As if I'm untrustworthy. I've known these girls for years. Never given them a reason for this. When we moved in i mentioned getting a k*** with a lock for my room and they told me in was unnecessary because it was just us and I would have no worries. So what the f***? The only thing I've ever gone into their room for is to use their weight scale. And that's when they're home. I felt awkward even then. It's some s***. We get along for the most part since we hardly ever see each other but the fairness in the household sucks. I work late, they work early. I'm quiet and respectful when they sleep, they're not when I'm sleeping. They leave dishes in the sink and assume that I should do them. And when I dont, it's a big deal. I've left a few dishes in the sink a couple of times and that certainly tickled them.
I dunno. F*** it. Sorry for the vent. I needed it.

Oct 12, 2016

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  • Chicks saying one thing and doing another, and treating you like a criminal for no rational reason? Sounds about right.

  • Just tell them how you feel you'll feel much better.

  • Move out

  • It's time to have a house meeting and and air out your frustrations. You don't know for certain if they are setting up their door, so maybe put that on hold and plus accusing either of them could be the end to your living situation. But the cleaning thing and the consideration should definitely be brought up. There should be understood quiet hours in the house. But at the same time, since you admittedly don't hold a day job maybe it's quite hours from 11pm - 7am or something like that. Chores.. everyone is responsible for his/her own dishes. You (not meaning You..just meaning whoever) make a mess, you (whoever) clean it up. Everyone is assigned a weekend to clean the common areas. If you all can't come to a mutual understanding, consider hiring a house keeper. If this situation can not be worked out, then you may want to look for another place to live.. Sucks to move, but you may be happier in the long run.

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