I really shouldn't, but I do.

I started dating this girl and she's pretty good for the most part. But she's got some major issues. Alcohol is her best friend. And alcohol and I are just acquaintances. She's funny and kind but when she gets around alcohol, she loud and annoying as f***. She loses control and pretty much says f*** it to responsibilities. She basically needs and wants a babysitter. I need to have control in my life. I have too many responsibilities. And I certainly don't want to babysit. But I like her alot.
We went our separate ways and I miss her bad. I miss her sorta aloof nature. She is a kind, caring, extremely interesting person who makes me laugh when she sober. She makes me feel happy a good portion of the time. I just can't handle her constant drinking.

Oct 14, 2016

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  • Then tell her that! Give her a chance to change

  • She refuses too. She's very comfortable with the way she is. I've talked to her about it already. She wants someone who's gonna enable her. I won't. But she tells me she misses me all the time. We've tried to be friends but that just leads to more, so I've put space between us but it's still hard. The funny thing is that she said I'm probably the exact person she needs in her life right now, but she won't accept it. S*** huh?

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