The Truth

I hate my job as an assistant principal in a large urban setting.

I hate hearing the language, dealing with violence, drugs, dead beat parents

I think that this place has given me PTSD

I am hanging in for 2 more years to pay off our house and pay off my car, then I am leaving for a new career

In the most suburban place that i can find that does not have a gang

Oct 16, 2016

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  • I feel your pain, the youth of today are clueless. The whole gang thing is such a waste of life. We should ship gang members to Afghanistan for a week so they can appreciate the opportunities here that they don't even realize they are blessed to have.

  • Find one of those urban hottie girls and start fking the h*** out of her to take the pressure off. Even if found out, you can deny and be believed, while she'd be taken as an inner-city liar, desperate for attention from men. Take advantage of this situation until you can bail.

    A few years ago, I knew a guy who was a substitute, then, while waiting for a full time teaching job, was one school's gym teacher. He hated it, and openly admitted to me several times that he'd "taken favors" from the nasty, but, hot girls in exchange for letting them out of class or accepting a fake, written excuse to not take gym entirely. Once he got a full time teaching job in a better area, all of that stopped.

  • Go rural

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