it's funny when you go on a confession site and people are complaining about confessions that are somehow sad or depressing. clue in. people share their happy stuff with everyone. sad stuff, not so much. they say things like "go kill yourself" or whatever. They act like they've never had hard times. Maybe they haven't or maybe they're in denial or just extremely callous. My life is actually pretty good right now but i certainly don't use people who are hurting to make myself feel better. really twisted.

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  • then what would you have to gawk at all day? there'd be less f***** up p*** and everything if troubled people just an heroed. nothing for you to read, giving you a false sense of power, nothing for you to do basically. A troll would probably turn into ash or something.

  • ^ Yes. We trolls think about everyone else killing themselves all the time.

    Again, I would like to remind everyone that you can help make the world a better place for us trolls. : )

  • i think trolls think about suicide a lot more than most people

  • ^ Agreed!
    And this troll would like to remind you that suicide is always an option.

    Have a nice day, a******. : )

  • I agree with you, if only for the people that will take the internet way too seriously, stupid people and trolls will always be here, ignore them

  • i mean irl, dumbass. the internet is the place for sad, lame crap. rude comments are to be expected but "go kill yourself' or "suicide is an option" comments are unoriginal and lamer than the most sad ass pathetic post. happy stuff usually doesn't warrant anonymous confessions.

  • What the h*** site are you on?!? Most of the confessions here are about sappy, sad s***.
    If you don't like rude comments on the internet...

    Go kill yourself!

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