Sad but true

Happy couples make me really sad.

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  • They make sad to. Probably because I pretend to be happy on my relationship.

  • They may appear happy but its very possible its a complete lie and illusion

  • I feel like that sometimes, however, not all couples that look happy are always happy. Every relationship comes with occasional unhappiness. Also you can't forget that you will be one of those happy couples one day, you just have to have patience. I heard the best saying from my friend yesterday; it was "water doesn't boil when watched". It just means that when you're not waiting for it to happen or forcing it to happen, it will happen even faster than you think(: keep your head up, you're not alone!

  • ok how bout lonely guy's? or lonely girl's? how do jaffa cakes make you feel? also wtf is a jaffa cake?

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