Robert S was a psychopath and I knew it

There is a website called Inmate locators and out of morbid curiosity I looked his m=name up and sure enough, he was there.

Robert, you were the worst, the most low down mean ass scumbag of a bully I have ever known. You spit on me for no reason. You beat the s*** out of some guy who couldn't fight. You raised H*** on the bus and challenged anyone to a fight who said anything about it. You got into a fight on the bus because you said someone was sitting in your seat.

Ok, years pass and I was curious as to what had happened to you. The first place I looked was inmate locators and there your ugly ass was. You had beaten someone to death and you are in prison for life and that's where your low down, mean sorry ass belongs.

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  • In a better world, human animals would be dealt with the same way we "handle" other animals.

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