Boss Has Hots For Me

I work as a Government contractor and lately my Government boss (female) has been coming onto me. I've noticed she stands a little closer than necessary when she is looking at something on my computer screen. Friday she wore a jacket to cover most of the sheer blouse and bra she was wearing. We have several computers in our lab and the temp is kept low so I could clearly tell when she had hard nipples. She must know that I love hard nipples because she was making sure I saw them quite often on Friday. I'm tempted to flirt back or let her catch me when I adjust my c*** in my pants and see how she reacts. She's my age and divorced but I'm actually happily married. She's due in shortly so we shall see how Monday goes.

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  • OP Here: Virtually all week I have been walking around with a h******. She's finding any excuse she can to sit very close to me and when she does she will put her hand under the desk and play with my c***. Let me tell you it's hard (no pun intended) to do work when a women is sexing you up.

  • OP Here: She wants it and wants it bad. On Friday she came into work wearing a skirt and blouse made of thin/sheer material and wore a jacket over it for most of the day which was disappointing becasue it covered her up :(. Just prior to lunch she went to the ladies room and came back with her jacket button up higher than it was earlier which really disappointed me. On the way out to her car she said "Mind if we go topless?" which really caught me off guard. I said "Excuse me?" She laughed and said "That always catches people off guard." What she meant is did I mind if she put the top down on her car. I told her she was the driver and could do anything she wanted.

    Once we pulled out of the parking lot she started to unbutton her jacket and then it became very obvious to me why she had it buttoned up higher. She had taken off her bra and I could clearly see through her blouse with the bright sunlight overhead. She drove around like a race car driver. She said she just loves to drive fast when topless. She would open and close her legs quite a bit and pulled her skirt up higher and higher as we drove along. All too soon we got to the restraunt where we were going to eat and she buttoned her jacket up again.

    We were seated in a very small booth and she sat with her back to the the other people in the restraunt. Once again she unbuttoned her jacket and I could tell her nipples were hard but I couldn't see much else. I looked at them as often as I could and at one point I guess I just looked to long and she caught me. She leaned forward and rested her b****** on the table and looked right into my eyes. Our conversation went as follows (will be posted separately due to 2000 character limitation):

  • "Do you like what you see?"
    "They're very hard right now."
    "I can see that."
    "Do you want a closer look?"
    "Do you want to touch them?"
    "Do you want to kiss them?"
    "Do you want to suck on them?"
    "Are you hard?"
    "Ummm, yes, very"
    "Let me feel it?"
    "How? You can't reach it under the table."
    "Not with my hand" and then I felt her foot pressing against my leg. I took her foot and moved it up to my crotch. Once there she pressed it against my c*** and moved it up and down, exploring it with her foot.
    "You are hard!" she said as she pressed her foot hard against me.

    About that time our food showed up and she sat back and closed her jacket while we ate. Nothing else sexual was said while we ate although I'm sure my face was flushed the whole time.

  • Op here: she's wearing tight pants and heels today. They are tight enough I can make out her thong outline as she bends over which she has been doing a lot today. I am going to invite her to lunch Friday. There's a place near by that would be perfect. I want to find out if she's just teasing me or if she is serious about it.

  • Go out this afternoon and order some flowers for her, to be delivered to her office tomorrow morning (before your lunch date with her). Just be sure that you do all of that ANONYMOUSLY: she can't know they came from you. She'll certainly figure it out, but don't leave a trail to make it easy for her.

  • Rather than playing along flirting and all that, just straight out ask her what she's on about. If it sounds like she's got the hots for you then demand oral s** deep throat.

  • Want to hear more as it progresses mate

  • OP here - she came in wearing a dress and heels and had a little extra bounce in her step which made her b****** bounce as well ;). I think getting a little attention from me may have been a good thing. I'm conflicted on what to do for a couple of reasons (1) I do like feeling that I'm attractive to someone other than my wife and (2) our contract is up for renewal and if flirting, etc. with her means we get the contract for the next three years I'm willing to take one for the team as they say to make sure we win it.

    We had a weekly status meeting today and afterwards she asked two of us to stay behind. I think she really wanted just me but didn't want to make it too obviously. She said a few words to the other guy that was there and then told me what a valuable asset I was and that my position was critical and how she knew she could depend on me. While she was doing this she was crossing and uncrossing her legs and sliding one leg up the other. I could see what she was doing but the other guy couldn't. I'll be honest and say I started to fantasize about sliding my hands up under her dress. I know I shouldn't think that way but damn she was turning me on. She has some nice looking legs and those heels made them look even nicer.

  • Invite her out to lunch, and start talking about things other than work. Give her compliments on her looks and intelligence. Maybe hand write her a note or two (better yet, a poem). If you can progress into maybe giving her some flowers, you will have her in a creamy lather in no time.

  • Start complimenting her every chance you get (but only when nobody else is present in the room, of course), on her clothes, her makeup, her shoes, jewelry, hair, anything at all, but especially if it's something you've not seen before. Say things that compare her VERY favorably to your wife; e.g., "I wish my wife could wear a top like that", or "I wish she had your sense of style", or "If that skirt was on my wife it would look like a towel; on you, it looks like something on a runway". Don't say anything overtly sexual, just highly flattering. And don't let up; keep telling her those sorts of things. She's moving very fast, and apparently doesn't care about any sort of behavioral standards that the company may have, and she certainly doesn't care about your wife. Make her declare herself, but don't sit back and do nothing waiting for that to happen; keep running the full-court press, but don't foul. You are about to get what appears to be some truly INCREDIBLE p****, and we are all envious of that. Be prepared for this relationship to get not only heavy, but serious, and for it to happen quickly. As fast as she's moving, she'll likely start trying to wedge herself between you and your wife, so you need to be assessing her as a possible replacement for the little woman at home and respond accordingly. Wishing you only the best of luck, although it doesn't seem to me like you're going to need any luck. GOT GET HER!!!!!

  • Well you can decide now whether to f*** yourself

  • Tell her you're sorry she caught you checking her out on Friday, that you know it's inappropriate, but you just CANNOT help yourself when she's around. Let her know, subtly, that your marriage would be an obstacle only if she weren't so incredibly beautiful. Best wishes. Go get her.

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