I know he's trouble...

I know he has unresolved daddy issues
I know he has suffered neglect
I know he uses women for attention
I know he has cheated on his girlfriends
I know he is self absorbed, narcissistic, and is egotistical
I know he's damaged
But he's my best friend and I love him
I can't change that
Tbh, I wouldn't want to change him
I see his light through all those cracks
I've seen the vulnerability
I've seen the tears
We were always there for each other
I knew he loved me
But I had to go
Now I've left, I know I'm better off
But I can't help missing him

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  • Maybe you are better in the sense of an easier life, but you will always miss him and wish for someone so honest and real as time passes

  • Someone just explained me except I don't have daddy issues.

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