I exposed my wife

My wife and I stayed in a hotel last night, Ground floor room, We got a bit drunk and had s** last night, I woke up and she was still asleep naked, I turned up the heat, Pulled the covers off and opened the curtains about halfway, The bed is close to the window and I sat in the chair off to the side, I watched at least six people who I don't think could see me walk past, Stop and look in, One guy stopped, Looked in and called his wife or girlfriend or whoever back, Both looked in then she pulled him away by his arm.
Think ill close the blinds and see if I can get some morning lovin.

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  • One creep was following us right from the restaurant to our room. He had a room adjoining us. Whenever she came out alone, he tried to start a conversation and stopped abruptly when I step out. My wife was enjoying his attention so kept on going out frequently to tease him in her see through nighties. After 4 hrs, I asked if she was interested in letting him f*** her. She was surprised as I had asked this question after 16 years of our marriage. She asked if I was open to that thought and when I answered in the positive, she thanked me as it was her long desired fantasy. She didnt want me around so I told her to go in his room and enjoy. She kissed me and left for his room and returned after 3 hours of fun.

  • Hot older sister and I helped move a friend's kid to college halfway across the state, so, stayed at a hotel overnight. Hit the hotel bar, and noticed, several times, a creepy guy staring right through her. He followed her outside to smoke twice. She mentioned it to me, saying thought he was going to "drag her off somewhere". As the night wore on, though, she started having fun with it, teasing back, kissing me, hands all over me, and generally egging him on.

    I went with her the final time she went outside to smoke, as did the guy. Nothing happened, he said not a word. Then, as we were done, sister and I headed down the adjoining hallway towards the elevator, with creepy guy right behind us (more like, her..watching her tight-jeaned ass sway back and forth). I nudged her, putting my finger in front of us so he wouldn't see, telling her to show this guy your t***. She reached inside her shirt, undid her bra, and told me "turn me around and do it...like your making me flash him..which you are anyway" in a joking manner.

    Past the bathrooms, in a confined stretch, I twisted her around, and, with bit of energy, flipped her shirt above her head, flashing her upper body from bared t*** to just below her navel. Guy was so stunned, all he could do was exclaim "Yes!" before we hit the elevator just before him. I made her keep her shirt that way just in case any other guy was on the floor before we hit our room..

  • Good idea! My wife and I travel quite a bit. I'm going to try that.

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