Kissing cousins

Me and my cousin have been having s** starting back in jr. No one ever found out it was one morning i woke up and had to pee bad and she was in the shower i just flung open the door and hit the bowl she stuck her head out and was caught off gaurd she stood there just laughing till i finished then i swiped the shower curtain open she saw me and i saw her she didn't cover up are anything just let me view her wet body my p**** got erection and she knew i wanted her she quickly rubbed her nips and waved me close to her her wet hands took it fast standing hard her wet hands took my c*** and she pulled me to her wet face a quick suck i was nervous some one would walk in i quickly put it away and walked out and back to the room i went to her room put on the t.v and just sat there thinking of what just happend a few minutes later she was out and only in a towl she came into her room dropped her towl and again she came to where i was seated pushed me on my back pulled it out and she took a seat on me i slipped into her p**** she did a few ups and downs then stopped...lets wait for tonight....the day went on and all i thought was about night....finally night came and about midnight every one was asleep she woke me up and we had full blown s**..we where both virgins and didnt know much besides in and out we took turns me in top then her i was feeling good and i decided i was ready to c** i couldn't stop as she kept moving i pulled her close and held her tight we both came....together and now we are older we still have s** even though we are married to other people



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  • I've had s** multiple times with my cousin. She said I was bigger and better then her hubby. We finally had to stop cause by the end we were making love . It wasnt just f****** anymore. We were falling in love. Best sexual experience I've ever had and would love to hook up with her one more time.

  • Seriously. Send me details too.

  • Send me more details.

  • Age city race m are f

  • F***** my cous when she was 8, lovely warm, soft, bald p****

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