Naughty Sister

My sister always loved revealing herself both at home and in public. At home she would wear a thong with a tight shirt with her nips poking through. One day she was doing yoga in living room with only thong and shirt. She was bend over and I could see her thick camel toe sticking through and the one side of her p**** lip hanging out her thong. She has huge DD t*** too so they were hanging down. She caught me staring and told me she finally got my attention. Told her I dont know what you mean. She said she has been wanting me for a bit and at night would peek on my in bed sleeping nude. She pulled her thong off and asked if I wanted her p****. She crawled over pulled my pants off and sucked me. S** was amazing

Jan 25, 2020

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  • My sister started sucking my off at night after she caught me masturbating in the bathroom.
    She sucked me off while I sat there, and then would sneak into my bedroom 2-3 times a week.
    She also let me finger her and look, but she would not let me f*** her back then although later when she was about 30 and I went for a visit where she lived, we did for an entire weekend, and have plans for another trip.
    I can of course not ever tell my wife.

  • My sister and I had started a sexual relationship from when we were in our teens 16 17. Today we live together and we still have a sexual relationship and bathe and shower together too

  • It's great when siblings form a sexual relationship. Just remember birth control

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