Belly punching

I like getting my stomach beaten. I like to get punched inside my belly to get the wind knocked out of me. My ex boyfriend used to sit on my stomach and bounce hard. I just loved the sensation when he kicked and kneed my belly. I like to get spanked. My butts swatted red hawwt. I also like to get slapped on my t*** and face while s**. I don't have anyone to do that to me now .!!

Oct 21, 2016

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  • h*** f*** No!

  • I once had my belly sat on by a fat girl bully in middle school. I had to take a big crap and my bowels were very full this day. I was holding it and barely able to keep it inside this day. I hated going number 2 at school in case anyone would smell it and make fun of me. I was being pushed by the bully fat girl during a break between classes and I yelled at her very loudly to stop. She tripped me by kicking the back of my knee cap and clothes lining me onto my butt. This caused my a*** to almost release it's death grip on the feces I was holding onto. I laid on my back helpless as she pulled my arms away from my lower stomach where I had them clutched protectively. And flounced down with all her might onto my fully packed colon. I felt my guts contract and then with the loudest fart my s*** oozed out of my a*** and out my open shorts leg in 4 large liquidy loads. The bubbling sound accompanying the crap was enough to make me go numb. Immediately the whole packed hallway full of students began screaming and laughing and gagging. I passed out from the shock of what happened.

  • I'm from Chennai

  • Hii can talk to u this topic

  • I'd love to slap you about while I f*** you. I'd certainly slap you face until it was shot with blood, and do the same to your t***. I'd also punch your stomach while I call you a silly w****. Then after unprotected s** I'd say make sure you don't have a baby and lunch you in the womb. Don't get pregnant on me b****.

  • I want you to jump on my fat belly until my uterus and ovaries plop out of my ruined v***** and onto the floor where you will kick them around town

  • You can beat the s*** out of my womb and break my ovaries, if I get pregnant. I'd love that much.

  • Cruel.

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