Belly beating

I'm a female, 17. I love to get my belly beaten to pulp. My ex used to do that to me. He used to punch and press my belly hard and gut me with his fists, punches getting stronger & stronger and belly getting red, hot and weak. Then he lies me down, sits and bounces on my belly. He stands and then bounces on my stomach as hard as he could. He knees my abdomen and kicks me into it a few times. Most of the times I end up puking, then he comes and holds me from behind and press my tummy deep and hard to make me hurt and puke even more. After this he f**** me brutally. Now that he's gone I need somebody to do that to me, to brutally spank my ass all red hot and swatted beautifully, to beat my t*** blue and my belly deeply.

Oct 22, 2016

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  • I wouldn’t touch your b**** or butt, but I’d love to use your stomach as a punching bag with punches that are mid to upper stomach so that you’re doubled over with the wind knocked out of you and holding your ribs even though I wouldn’t punch you in the ribs.

  • I will punch your belly all day, i will sink my fist into your belly until you bend

  • Honey .nothing wrong with getting a good belly beating the belly punch confessions wont feel bad

  • They're all written by the same obsessed Indian, including this one

  • I'm almost 22... but anybody thing this chick needs therapy? I got mine.

  • I used to punch myself in the belly tell I puked... probably was my eating this order.... that ended. I was already a cutter and I got caught. So instead of slicing my wrists I went back to punching and torturing my belly and my belly button. I just got done jabbing sharp objects in my belly button. The harder the better... side not messing with my belly button gets me aroused.

  • Give your email id

  • You all need to see a therapist. No shame, its just a problem. Please no one tell me that its just a fetish, cause if you like the taste of bleach, and then drink it, you have fucki*g problems.

  • Yes I really same fetish and I love to Punch and sit and stand on your belly

  • Then sure punch me hard..

  • Ya punch u hard

  • Why is this confession, in the LGBT section??!!

  • Wishful thinking!

  • I'd love to make you my human punching bag!

  • Plz do that

  • Yea. wow. so I could punch you in the gut and you'd double over in pain and thank me?


  • Yep

  • First of all what do you to douche with?

  • How bout it

  • I will when you people answer my reply

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