Brutal belly punishment

I'm female and I really only had one previous experience with a guy abusing my stomach it hurt so bad he ordered me to relax my belly. I did as I was told and he repeatedly punched me in my upper middle and lower stomach, doubling me over ass in the air I couldn't breathe and I thought I was gonna pass out he kept punching and squeezing my belly I couldn't keep from moaning I was trying to beg for mercy but couldn't form the words because I had no air. Then he laid me down and stepped on me pushing my belly button to my spine he continuously alternated the weight so my belly got no break (he did this for about 5 minutes) and he'd step on me while moving his foot to all parts of my tummy while keeping the intense pressure on causing immense pain. I thought he might burst my belly. I pleaded with him to give my belly a break even for just a second. I guess he took pity on me because he got off and I managed to crawl to the toilet on my hands and knees and threw up. He came behind me and squeezed very hard right in the center of my tummy making me puke more and more. He held in my belly as a puked and when I was finished he kicked me very hard in the pit of my stomach 3 times. He flipped me to my back and rubbed my belly deeply then sat on my lower belly until I blacked out. I wish I had someone to do this to me again preferably a man.



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  • This got my d*** soooo hard reading how he purposely hurt you in the stomach and made you puke. I imagine you doubled full over with your ass in the air and pain in your stomach (I'm a total worshipper of female ass). me so hard that I jacked off and shot a huge load all over he scene.

  • I'd work on your tummy if you would like

  • How can I contact you?

  • I'd work on your belly, too

  • What's your contact info and are you male?


  • Where are you located ?

  • I love belly torture too and I wish i can have someone to do this to me

  • Shame u r so insane i dnt even knw wht 2 think...were u preg? Was it ur way of having an abortion?

  • No it's a fetish

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