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Karen, we've already had "the talk" and your father and I trust your judgment. That being said, when you come home after being with your friends and your hair is messed up and your makeup is smeared, don't think that we don't know what is going on.

If you could spend a little less time playing around, and more time on academics, we'd appreciate it.

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  • Trusting the judgment of a teenager is always a bad bet: the odds are long and the losses are huge.

  • That can said for, "adults aswell!" Everyone makes bad choices and judgements from time to time, regardless of age!! It's a mankind thing, not a age thing!

  • To an extent it IS an age thing, oh comma-happy one. Teenage brains are literally not done developing, and won't be until around age 25. The fact that we can make babies loooong before we can make rational decisions is a serious design flaw in the species. Look around you, how's that workin' out for us as a whole? I will answer: Not so good.

  • Speak with her and get her to a gynecologist and on some birth control. You guys are the parents, not her friends. The academics need to be important or you're going to be raising your grandchild. Have the talk again and set some ground rules. Maybe she shouldn't be going out if her grades are so low....

  • Speak with her, don't post it on the internet

  • But which method gets more attention? That's way more important than being an effective parent!

  • Ah. Yes. It comes as a shock when one realises ones daughter has been f****** some guy. Just had the same shock myself. My child is now a woman and it took a bit of getting used to.

  • Same for me and my wife. We really didn't believe she was close to becoming sexual, so it really shook us to discover that she was sexual, and just how sexual she was. That feeling still hasn't worn off.

  • My wife and I had done the talk at 11, shown her pads & tampons and told her that one day she would need to insist that the boy wear a condom. The hugest shock when at 12 she asked my wife to buy her condoms because she was going to have s**. It ripped my gut out for a couple of weeks. Part of me wanted to have her acompanied everywhere. Like at the 12, 13, 14 age they are so out there in skimpy clothes and no idea the effect they have on others. Naive. Anyway I am now used to her coming out of her bed room with a smile on her face and I'm kind of glad that she feels free to talk about it and also confident enough to insist the boys wear the condoms.

  • I have a 12 year old, and I am far from naive, but she's not remotely interested in having s**. It embarrasses her to even have references made. She likes to play games on her computer, she likes school, she has friends over and they still play imagination games (yesterday they both played Olympic athletes competing). She likes to watch movies - still the kids ones she likes best. She likes art and music, and baking. She doesn't dress provocatively at all. Occasionally she says bad words, and I know she says them when I am not around. I know she is curious about sexuality, but purely on a "what's this all about" level - not a "I better try this level". I can't imagine a 12 year old girl asking for condoms. I was once a 12 year old girl and that wasn't remotely on my radar. In fact at 13 I began masturbating, and didn't even know that's what I was doing. I didn't know the word. I just knew I had discovered something that felt nice.

  • It's a shock

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